Semillas Goldstar S.A. has specialized in the production of MI Lettuce (Lettuce Mosaic Virus Free) since 2004. Whether you need 1 kilo or 1,000, Semillas Goldstar S.A. is able to accommodate your needs.

Every production we accept, big or small, is handled with exacting attention to detail in order to ensure genetic and physical purity, high germination and a disease-free status.

Our three dedicated production areas are strategically located geographically to accommodate the varying types of lettuce and our customer’s delivery date needs. Our northern location seeds out in late July and harvest is in late January and February, ensuring a March delivery. Our southern locations seed out in August, harvest in February and March for an April delivery.

All our lettuce is produced under the protection of aphid-proof netting. We understand that each lettuce has its own specialized cultivation requirements, mandating type-specific growing techniques integrating your specifications and our extensive experience.

Our quality control department has rigorous protocols in place from the time we receive our clients stock seed until the time we ship you your crop.  Our proficient technicians remove off-types in each of two quality rouging’s to maintain the lines genetic purity.  We follow up this control with written reports and pictures to keep you informed of your crop’s progress.

All our lettuce is hand harvested, guaranteeing the highest quality product with excellent vigor and germination.

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