Home Farm Advantage

We take pride in our two home farms, located in Rengo and San Carlos; Chile’s sixth and eighth growing regions.

Our home farms focus on the more highly intensive MI Lettuce, parent stock seed, and the smaller hybrid Brassica, carrot, and Cucurbit productions. Our staff dedicate themselves to stringent isolation protocols between over 10 hectares of net houses. This investment guarantees effective crop isolation, combats disease transmission, ensures genetic purity and improves yield.

Our San Carlos farm is where our seed washing and drying facilities are located.  Our Rengo farm centralizes our seed processing infrastructure – we understand the utmost importance of your seeds, and are committed to the quality of our product throughout the production process. To that end we have screen machines, gravity separating tables, seed sizers, indents, spirals, air columns, an electronic eye, and a magnetic sorting belt – all designed with your seed cleanliness, quality, and purity in mind.

In-house germinations, based on ISTA guidelines, help us assure that the seed is handled and sent with the highest of standards.

map of chile