Cucurbits hold a special place in our hearts, as our very first productions were vine seed crops.  Our current expertise, with over fifteen years of experience with this genus, helps us offer premier quality to our clients.

Semillas Goldstar S.A. produces open-field hybrid squash and hybrid cucumbers in Chile’s southern eighth region. Our cucurbit productions thrive here, with ideal daily temperature variation between 10 and 32oC.  Our planting window begins in early November, with harvest between March and late May, depending on the vine seed being produced. Strict production protocols on-farm and beyond, extensive client and grower communication and support, and our innovative mechanization program take us beyond our competition.

We offer small cage productions for your small experimental hybrids or parental increases as well as outdoor open field hybrids which we produce in collaboration with our select group of growers in and around the San Carlos/Chillan area.  This region is particularly renowned throughout Chile for having high quality soils, reliable water sources and extensive irrigation technology that involves the use of sprinklers and center pivot systems.

We are constantly walking the fields to monitor your crops for quality, providing you with monthly updates as to the status of your production.  Our staff is well trained and adheres to strict production protocols.

Our team is particularly proud in the knowledge that we are the first company to fully mechanize vine seed production in Chile at the field level.  But we are not stopping there.  Currently we are investing in the mechanization of our seed washing and drying facility.  We believe that constant innovation is key to our success.

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